Libertarian Party U.S. Senate candidate Phil Anderson labels his opponents “warmongers” and advocates an end to U.S. intervention in foreign conflicts.

“The U.S. never-ending war state must end,” said Anderson. “Trillions of dollars have been wasted and thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of civilian lives have been lost with very little to show for all that loss.”

“The United States government, in the name of ‘spreading liberty and democracy’, has destabilized many areas of the world,” said Anderson. “The US has no right nor responsibility to use military force against other nations and peoples unless directly threatened.”

“The impact of the expansion of the war machine has had negative effects here at home,” said Anderson. “The Federal government has expanded exponentially supporting it, taking more and more money away from taxpayers and created a corrupt monolith that exists mainly to fund profiteers. Additionally, the ‘War on Terror’ has resulted in our government spying on its citizens and threatening many of our constitutional freedoms.”

“As your Senator I will fight tirelessly to expose the corruption of our federal government and military, put an end to war profiteering, and work to restore our relationship with the world through military strength, free markets, and honest agreements,” said Anderson