The One Way Forward

So long as we have a government that can pick winners and losers, we will have politics and parties that pander to categories. 

So long as parties and candidates pander to categories, the electorate will be inflamed by rhetoric of identity politics, encouraging the worst in human nature. 

So long as we are inflamed by the rhetoric of identity politics, we're servants to powers that control the two big parties. 

So, what to do?

Is there a political movement that is fundamentally, philosophically opposed to the politics of identity, instead championing the individual as the smallest, indivisible minority?

Is there a political party that strives to adhere to that philosophy, while applying that philosophy realistically to the problems of the day?

Why yes, yes there is. The Libertarian Party.

If you want to escape the ugly cycle of electoral identity politics, support the party that doesn't practice it: the LP. 

The ugliness of right now, and the ugliness of this campaign cycle, are the result of political power that seeks to divide you and control the narrative of your lives and the definition of your identity, playing people against each other, to incite that most powerful of emotions: fear. Identity politics draws out the worst of our human nature. So in the immortal words of FDR (that socialist, elitist, racist bastard), the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.  

So the One Way Forward is THIS:

Respect human beings as such, and don't let identity politics define and demean us. The government has no authority over the identity of people, and their personal choices.

Support candidates and campaigns that limit the ferocious desire of big parties' desire to make us hate each other. 

The INDIVIDUAL is sacred, the INDIVIDUAL is un-deconstructible, the INDIVIDUAL is more than the sum of his/her parts, the INDIVIDUAL is the smallest, least powerful minority, and therefore politics and government that respect the INDIVIDUAL, not a group, not a category, are best for human peace, prosperity and privacy.