Government is a tool , or a weapon, wielded by those elected. You elect a friend, you might think it’s best to give him a big hammer. Your friend builds what you want built, destroys what you want destroyed.

Next election. They elect your enemy, and THE HAMMER IS STILL THERE. Your enemy destroys what you want built, builds what you want destroyed, with the very hammer you gave to your friend. 

Right now you only think you have two choices. Try to get your friend elected, and stay elected. If the enemy is elected, you’re done for- a target, oppressed, unrepresented. 

Let’s get rid of the hammer. Let’s get rid of Itchy vs. Scratchy politics. Let’s act like grownups, and stop making war on one another.

Let’s get rid of the hammer of big government, a tool and a weapon at different times, always getting more expensive. 

Let’s get rid of the hammer, in the name of love and civility, for the sake of all of us who agree or disagree, so that we can all just live. 

Let’s fight for liberty and libertarianism, so that we can all just live in peace, prosperity and privacy.