Thank you, and Stay Tuned...

To everyone who has or will vote for today, thank you for not falling into the lesser of two evils trap, thank you for being brave enough to vote your conscience despite long odds, thank you for listening with an open mind and an open heart.

One of the reasons I got MORE involved in politics after 2014 was because our basic message resonates with people. We can win, and we will win in the future, as we labor to reach people where there are, on the issues they care about, and help them open their eyes to the utter travesty that is our 2 party system.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, many still naively believe in what the red and blue team tell them. It is my steadfast goal to continue this campaign indefinitely, because we can't expect to make progress by waiting until election cycles during which we're outspent 500 to 1 (or more).

All I ask is that you stay tuned, stay aware, don't give up hope, and when you're so inclined, join the battle. There is much to do. I'll continue fighting as long as you do.