Swallowing Hypocrisy

Maybe the people of Wisconsin, and of this great nation, have been effectively, masterfully hoodwinked, by the best hoodwinkers of all time. Maybe, we also have a massive capacity for cognitive dissonance. After all, we have been conditioned to BELIEVE in our form of government- so to consider that it is flawed, and therefore gone awry, is a lot to swallow. But really, friends, can we really swallow all this?

1- Hillary Clinton: a long career in the public eye, rife with dishonesty and incompetence from Benghazi to email servers and beyond. Scared off women who had been sexually assaulted by her husband. No record of achievements, no accomplishments of consequence. Yet some, if not many, believe she WON’T be a catastrophe as President? 

2- Donald Trump: a long career of telling people what they want to hear to get what he wants. Has publicly held contradictory positions on virtually every major issue in American government and politics. Ran a clearly fraudulent ‘university’.  Has been involved with the corrupt corporate cronyism of BOTH big parties for decades. Yet some, if not many, believe that he is an ‘outsider’, and that he’ll be a responsible President? 

3- Ron Johnson: a 5 ½ year career in the U.S. Senate. Elected in the Tea Party rebellion of 2010. No record of achievement, no accomplishments of consequence. Won’t support the One Subject At A Time Act, but still voted forMORE funding for Planned Parenthood, $1.5 TRILLION more in debt, MOREwarrantless spying, including women in the draft, no cut in military expenditures, and no pay increase for the military. TOOK 5 years to react to the VA crisis which was happening right under his nose, was a scandal in the office of the other WI Senator, and claims the previous Senator was aware of it. (WHY WASN’T HE AWARE OF IT? Seems like he became aware just in time to use the scandal politically.)  And yet some, if not many, still believe he can be an effective advocate for smaller, more accountable government and ‘conservative’ principles?

4- Russ Feingold: 18 years in the U.S. Senate, supposedly representing the working people of Wisconsin. Never met a tax increase he didn’t like. Helped pass unconstitutional campaign finance reform. Symbolically voted against the Patriot Act. LOSES in 2010, forms his own SuperPAC to support himself and cronies, co-chairs reelection campaign of a President who expanded NSA spying and sends drones all over the world to kill mostly innocent people. And yet some, if not many, think this guy represents the working person, the Citizen of Wisconsin, and not the political warfare welfare machine in D.C.?

Friends, we have become the political equivalent of Kobayashi, Let’s push ourselves away from the table, and begin a diet of common sense vetting of candidates and healthy skepticism. 

I’m running for United States Senate, for us, the citizens of Wisconsin and all Americans.. I understand that the only legitimate power and authority in our government is derived from the consent of the governed. As such, I have no party apparatus to obey, and no SuperPACS lined up to throw money into my campaign- not because my candidacy is weak, but because I’m a bad risk for those who invest in politicians and expect an ROI of access and favorable legislation. 

And I’m proud of that. In a representative government, the least you should expect is that the representatives represent YOU. Russ Feingold, and Ron Johnson, do not, and can not. They both are beholden to represent other interests.