Phil for Governor

I was born and raised in Beloit, and have lived in Wisconsin my entire life. I am a veteran of the US Army, having served as a combat medic in a PATRIOT missile battalion in West Germany. I am a graduate of UW-Madison, and have worked in the taxi business, non-profits, and real estate. I have 2 children, currently attending UW-Madison and Verona High School.

I got involved in politics when I realized that the current system is broken, on both the state and federal levels. Democrats and Republicans no longer represent the people- they represent their own party interests and those of their donors. They don't even read the bills they vote on! Both Democrat and Republican parties flood the airwaves with empty promises and scare tactics, to frighten people into voting for the lesser of two evils- and the result, predictably, is an evil government, no matter who wins.

The Libertarian Party is a natural fit for me: I believe that God granted us rights, as human beings; that we are all entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The evidence is clear that Republican and Democrat-run governments no longer respect, let alone protect, those rights.

So we have to stand up, and reclaim what is naturally ours. The rights of free expression, religious practice, freedom from tyranny, and self defense, are not for tyrants to take, nor for democracies to vote away. I will fight for all of us, against the creeping tyranny of the two-party system. I will fight for REAL REFORMS FOR REAL PEOPLE.

Friends, if you don't get out and vote, if you don't decide, they will decide for you.

Join us. Support us and vote for us. But even if you don't, we are still fighting for YOU and all of Wisconsin. 

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