Phil Anderson congratulates Ron Johnson, praises LP candidates and campaign volunteers

For Immediate Release: November 9th, 2016

Contact: Phil Anderson

Anderson for US Senate

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Phil Anderson congratulates Ron Johnson, praises LP candidates and campaign volunteers

“Congratulations and best wishes to Ron Johnson, on his re-election to the U.S. Senate,” says Phil Anderson, Libertarian candidate for that seat. “His re-election signals a repudiation by a majority of Wisconsinites of the sort of arrogant, elitist progressivism that is embodied in Russ Feingold’s politics.”

Anderson finished third in yesterday’s election with over 87,000 votes, which is noteworthy considering Johnson and Feingold each spent over $20 million in a hotly contested race. Anderson’s 87,000 + votes are the second highest vote total for a Libertarian in Wisconsin.

“I also extend my congratulations, and heartfelt gratitude, to the other Libertarian candidates in Wisconsin: Jason Lebeck, Andy Craig, John Arndt, Jason Hansen, Matt Bughman, and George Meyers,” continues Anderson. “We worked together, supported each other, and fought the good fight to bring liberty and libertarian ideas to the forefront in Wisconsin politics. We have quite a ways to go, but we’re making solid progress!”

“Finally, I extend my deepest admiration and thanks to those thousands of Wisconsinites who helped, in ways large and small, over the last year,” finishes Anderson. “You are too many to thank individually, which is good news! Together we have grown the movement, and the party. Thanks so much, and let’s keep up the fight!”

Phil Anderson ran for the United States Senate, representing Wisconsin. Phil is currently the President of the Libertarian Party of Dane County, State Chair of the Johnson/Weld campaign, and Vice-Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin.  Phil is also the general manager of Green Cab of Madison and the broker-owner of Silver Compass Realty. He holds a B.A. in Geography from UW-Madison and an M.A. in Applied Theology from Balamand University. He lives in Fitchburg with his wife and 2 children. For further information about the campaign, contact Phil Anderson at (608) 345-3916 or at