Libertarian Party of Dane County hosting Election Night Celebration for Gary Johnson, Phil Anderson campaigns

The Libertarian Party of Dane County is hosting Election Night for the Gary Johnson for President and Phil Anderson for U.S. Senate campaigns, on Tuesday November 8th at Brocach Irish Pub, 7 W. Main St., Madison. Phil Anderson, who is also Chair of Wisconsin for Johnson/Weld and Vice-Chair of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin will be in attendance, as well as Patrick Baird, 2nd CD Coordinator for the Johnson campaign and Campaign Manager for Anderson for U.S. Senate.

“Everyone is invited, no matter how much or how little involved with the campaigns,” says Anderson. “This is a celebration of campaigns well fought, and a movement toward liberty expanded. This election season is just the beginning.”

Baird agrees, stating “I’ve been intimately and extensively involved in both campaigns. While we understood that there was a narrow path to victory, our secondary goal was to expand awareness of our movement and membership in the party. In those regards we have been wildly successful, and have plenty to celebrate!”

On Tuesday night, the campaign will begin gathering at 6pm on the second floor at Brocach. The Anderson campaign can be reached that night at 608 345-3916, via voice or text.

LPDane is the Libertarian Party of Dane County, founded in December 2014. LPDane has 36 members, and meets the second Wednesday of each month for a business meeting followed by a social hour, open to the public. For more information, email , or visit