Libertarian Party Gubernatorial Candidate Phil Anderson Promises No Jobs

MADISON, WI. Phil Anderson, Libertarian Party candidate for Governor, refuses to promise to use state government to bring jobs to Wisconsin.

“It is not the job of government to create or maintain jobs,” said Anderson. “To improve the Wisconsin economy, all the State needs to do is to get out of the way.”

“Republicans pay lip service to this concept but turn around and interfere with the market by picking winners and losers through corporate giveaways,” said Anderson. “Boondoggles like the 4-billion-dollar handout to FoxConn, who is already back-tracking on their promises of jobs, only distort the Wisconsin economy by favoring politically connected projects.”

Anderson proposes a five-point plan for improving the Wisconsin economy:

  1. Oppose all efforts of State Government to pick winners and losers in the economy. Oppose handouts and bailouts to businesses; dismantle the WEDC entirely.
  2. Eliminate the State income tax, which will directly benefit many small business owners and self-employed citizens by freeing up income for reinvestment in their products, services, and employees.
  3. Oppose any State licensing or fees that have the effect of producing barriers to entering markets or professions for entrepreneurs or workers.
  4. Review all levels of State regulation with an eye to eliminate or reform any that create an unreasonable barrier to business creation or expansion.
  5. Advocate for free international trade because free trade directly serves all of Wisconsin’s industries best.

“With a market free of high taxes, regulation, and politically motivated interference, Wisconsin’s economy will flourish,” said Anderson. “We have some of the best workers in the country; that work ethic combined with a truly hands-off approach by state government, will attract investment that will come to and will stay in Wisconsin for a long time. “


Phil Anderson is the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin, and a candidate for Governor. Patrick Baird is a candidate for Lieutenant Governor. They can be reached at, or via