We will return more control to citizens, businesses, and local government...


Increase local control. Local municipalities, counties, and school boards ought to be as free as possible to pursue the priorities of their communities without interference from the State. State regulation ought to be limited to those things that only the State should do. All unfunded mandates should be eliminated.

Grow Wisconsin from within. Too much attention is devoted to overseas trade missions or competing with other states to land large corporate expansions; not enough attention is devoted to helping existing Wisconsin businesses grow. By eliminating regulatory hurdles, anti-competitive licensing, and excessive taxation, we can create new jobs and new business opportunities in every community. Rather than focusing on taxpayer giveaways and corporate welfare, Wisconsin should create a business environment with a level playing field that rewards innovation, quality services and goods, and hard work.

Eliminate the income tax. Unchecked growth of government is fueled by overly broad taxation. Tax cuts alone are not enough to permanently reduce the role of government in people’s lives, taxation itself should be limited as much as possible. Wisconsin should follow the lead of Texas, South Dakota, Florida, and Washington State and find ways to fund operations without an income tax.




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