1. Education should never be the exclusive domain of the State. Students and parents should have the right to choose any number of options for education, whether those are public, private, or to opt out of any system altogether.
2. Any revenues raised to pay for K-12 education should be controlled by parents, who may use the funds for public schools, private schools, or home schooling.
3. For public education, local communities should retain maximum control over curriculum, policy, and funding. The role of the State should be limited to funding assistance for districts with limited tax bases, such as rural school districts.
4. Public schools should be free to explore any education model or innovation without interference from above. We believe that the long established industrial model of public education is outmoded and should be discarded in favor of other approaches that have a proven track record of success. We encourage exploration of public/private partnerships in K-12 education.
5. We support maintenance of the State University System but recognize that an education model that burdens students with crippling debt, supports academic pursuits of questionable utility to the public, tolerates a lack of true academic freedom or free expression on campus, or governs with a disregard for the interests of taxpayers, is a system in need of significant reform.
6. We support maintenance of the State Technical Training system and encourage a greater integration of that system with Wisconsin businesses and industries to ensure that students are entering the job market with skills that match current employer needs.