Does Government represent you?

You have three choices.

1) If government obtains its authority by delegation of rights by individuals, as our founding documents state, then it does represent you. BUT, you also have the right to withdraw your consent, to reverse the delegation of those rights. 

2) If the government obtains its authority by a majority vote, then the government, on any particular issue, only represents the majority. The collective authority of the majority diminishes and marginalizes the rights of the individual. This is pure democracy, and not supported nor advocated by the founding documents of this country. 

3). If the government obtains its authority by the coercive force of a minority, then clearly you are not being represented, unless you are a member of that minority. Most of us would call such a government oppressive. 

Now I ask you, what sort of government do we have? 

Can you withdraw your consent to be governed? No. That question was answered by the Civil War. Can you even withdraw your consent to be governed by local authorities? No. Go ahead and try.

Can you disregard the will of the majority? Well, only in those affairs which the government does not become involved. Are there any affairs left which have not become a province of government? I’ll list some basic human functions, and you identify any in which the government does not legislate in some way:

Air, water, food, diet, food supply,raising children, feeding children, religion, communications, media, public speech, movement within the country, movement to and from other countries, wages, production of goods, import and export of goods, starting a business, contracts, etc. etc….

Clearly, if the majority can regulate your life to such a degree, you are not represented by the government. 

Is there a powerful minority actually in control of our government? To the extent that we are only allowed limited choices in elections, then yes. To the extent that the information we can gather is regulated by such a minority, then yes. To the extent that, even as we are only allowed limited choices as representatives, these representatives are not truly free to do so, and are constrained by party loyalty, corrupted by contributions and favors, or coerced by actual threats of violence and blackmail, then yes. 

So, to summarize, we are not free people. We are subject to the will and vote of the majority in almost every aspect of our existence, and THAT majority, as represented in government, is subject to persuasion and coercion by a powerful minority.

Someone tell me how I’m wrong. Someone tell me how voting for ANY Democrat, or ANY Republican, makes us any more free. Given the case I make above, the only solution I see is for us to use freedom where we still have it, communicate with each other to understand and monitor the problem, and try to resist the message of that powerful minority: that we need government, that we’re already free, that we should identify as white, black, man, woman, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Asian, Hispanic, gay, whatever, and not simply as people who have the inalienable right to be free. 

We have the inalienable right to be free: to Life, Liberty and Property, to Peace, Prosperity and Privacy, and the right to express ourselves and to defend those rights as necessary, from anyone, any majority, any minority, ANYONE.

I’ll stand with you, and for you. For all of us. I seek to be part of government, in order to shrink it, to disarm it, to make it almost irrelevant to our daily lives.

It’s time for us as free people to exert our freedom in the voting booth, before it’s too late.