Criminal Justice


TeamGuv's Six-Point Plan for Criminal Justice Reform

“We must end the racist War on Drugs in Wisconsin, by first, legalizing recreational marijuana. Even most Republican-leaning people agree with legalization, and their party does not represent them on this. We must also decriminalize other drugs and treat drug addiction as a medical problem and move users into treatment programs and out of jails. I will oppose, wherever possible the Federal War on Drugs and any attempts to subvert state laws. 

 “We must roll back mandatory minimum sentencing laws, so that judges are free to determine the just sentence for a particular situation.” 

 “We must not block juries from being aware of jury nullification. Juries do have the right to return a verdict of not guilty, not based on evidence, but based on an unjust law. Current practice in Wisconsin forbids juries from being informed of their right to nullify, and as Governor, I will end this injustice, so that juries can do the right thing in response to unjust laws.”  

 As Governor I will immediately convene a Pardon Advisory Board, comprised of legal advisors and community members, and begin pardoning those incarcerated for victimless crimes. I will also support and promote expungement of criminal records of those only guilty of victimless crimes.  

“We must also honor and consider basic voting rights for all Wisconsinites. Convicted felons, once out of jail but still on paper, are prohibited from voting in Wisconsin. The punishment does not fit the crime. Everyone of legal age and residency should be free, and indeed encouraged, to vote, unless they are guilty of voter fraud. Your vote is your voice, and we must not silence people’s political voices unjustly.”  

None of us are truly free until we are all free, and it is my intent as Governor to insist on a system that treats those most historically oppressed and incarcerated the same as everyone else- with justice and parity.” — Phil Anderson