Congratulations to Tony Evers- we'll be watching you!

First of all, congratulations to Tony Evers on his election to become the next Governor of Wisconsin. I hope and expect that those promises he made, that we support, will be honored and kept. Those include legalization of cannabis, no new taxes, and criminal justice reform. We will be watching.

And as we do watch, let’s keep a few things in mind. While he will be working with a Republican legislature, he is not helpless. As Governor, he will be writing the budget; and once the budget is returned from the legislature, he can use the line item veto to keep his promises. It is certain that while the Governor does not initiate legislation, he can negotiate its introduction and passage by bargaining with legislators on spending and pet projects. For the sake of all the people, especially our veterans, who are suffering without access to cannabis-based medicine, and to all those imprisoned unjustly due to the racist War on Drugs, I expect him to use his budgetary power to keep his promises and exact justice.

Let’s not forget that Tony Evers can start pardoning those in jail for cannabis-related crimes immediately upon taking office. The legislature has no control over that. If he truly cares about those imprisoned unjustly, he will take the initiative on Day One to correct that injustice.

I also expect Tony Evers to defund and disband the WEDC and look for any way possible to nullify or renegotiate the contract with FoxConn. As they have already been in breach of the contract, it shouldn’t be difficult to find grounds for renegotiating that cronyist monstrosity.

There are many other issues to which we’ll hold Tony Evers accountable, including fair redistricting and more local control. Those people to whom he made promises will be watching, and we will be ready to point out those times that promises are broken.

We’ll be watching. Good luck, Governor Evers.