Rick Braun


Rick Braun is running for Wisconsin’s 14th District State Assembly Seat, which is made up of portions of Brookfield, Wauwatosa and Milwaukee. He currently resides in the Golden Valley Neighborhood of Milwaukee with his wife (Melissa) and their two young children (Iona and D.J.).
Motivated by the September 11th attacks Rick enlisted in the United States Marine Corps serving for eight years as an Infantry Rifleman. During that time he deployed twice to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and was also deployed to Niger, Africa as part of the Pan Sahel Initiative, and to Chile, in support of the Partnership of the Americas. He has graduated from American Military University with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration, and is currently completing a Master’s in Political Science from the same university.
Rick has also worked for many years as a manager and supervisor for warehousing and logistics and has seen firsthand how our current employment laws which claim to protect workers’ rights actually do more harm to those workers. That includes wages, hours worked, employment practices, and how having health insurance attached to your employment benefits can have negative consequences to healthcare.
Rick offers the Wisconsinites of District 14 an honest option in the political landscape. An option that values and respects the individual, their rights, and places them in control of their lives. An option that will promote ingenuity and success and not stymie it with taxes and regulations. Rick and the Libertarian Party want to offer a clear path forward, a path for free people to make a free Wisconsin!
Check out Rick's website: https://braun4assembly.wordpress.com/
Twitter: @braun4assembly