The One Way Forward

So long as we have a government that can pick winners and losers, we will have politics and parties that pander to categories.  So long as parties and candidates pander to categories, the electorate will be inflamed by rhetoric of identity politics, encouraging the worst in human nature.  So long as we are inflamed by the rhetoric of identity politics, we're servants to powers that control the two big parties.  So, what to do? Is there a political movement that is fundamentally, philosophically opposed to the politics of identity, instead championing the individual as the smallest, indivisible minority? Is there a political party that strives to adhere to that philosophy, while applying that philosophy realistically to the problems of the day? Why yes, yes there is. The Libertarian Party. If you want to escape the ugly cycle of electoral identity politics, support the party that doesn't practice it: the LP.  The ugliness of right now, and the ugliness of this campaign cycle, are the result of political power that seeks to divide you and control the narrative of your lives and the definition of your identity, playing people against each other, to incite that most powerful of emotions: fear. Identity politics draws out the worst of our human nature. So in the immortal words of FDR (that socialist, elitist, racist bastard), the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.   So the One Way Forward is THIS: Respect human beings as such, and don't let identity politics define and demean us. The government has no authority over the identity of people, and their personal choices. Support candidates and campaigns that limit the ferocious desire of big parties' desire to make us hate each other.  The INDIVIDUAL is sacred, the INDIVIDUAL is un-deconstructible, the INDIVIDUAL is more than the sum of his/her parts, the INDIVIDUAL is the smallest, least powerful minority, and therefore politics and government that respect the INDIVIDUAL, not a group, not a category, are best for human peace, prosperity and privacy. 

Phil Anderson congratulates Ron Johnson, praises LP candidates and campaign volunteers

For Immediate Release: November 9th, 2016 Contact: Phil Anderson Anderson for US Senate Phone:  608-345-3916 Email:     Phil Anderson congratulates Ron Johnson, praises LP candidates and campaign volunteers “Congratulations and best wishes to Ron Johnson, on his re-election to the U.S. Senate,” says Phil Anderson, Libertarian candidate for that seat. “His re-election signals a repudiation by a majority of Wisconsinites of the sort of arrogant, elitist progressivism that is embodied in Russ Feingold’s politics.” Anderson finished third in yesterday’s election with over 87,000 votes, which is noteworthy considering Johnson and Feingold each spent over $20 million in a hotly contested race. Anderson’s 87,000 + votes are the second highest vote total for a Libertarian in Wisconsin. “I also extend my congratulations, and heartfelt gratitude, to the other Libertarian candidates in Wisconsin: Jason Lebeck, Andy Craig, John Arndt, Jason Hansen, Matt Bughman, and George Meyers,” continues Anderson. “We worked together, supported each other, and fought the good fight to bring liberty and libertarian ideas to the forefront in Wisconsin politics. We have quite a ways to go, but we’re making solid progress!” “Finally, I extend my deepest admiration and thanks to those thousands of Wisconsinites who helped, in ways large and small, over the last year,” finishes Anderson. “You are too many to thank individually, which is good news! Together we have grown the movement, and the party. Thanks so much, and let’s keep up the fight!” Phil Anderson ran for the United States Senate, representing Wisconsin. Phil is currently the President of the Libertarian Party of Dane County, State Chair of the Johnson/Weld campaign, and Vice-Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin.  Phil is also the general manager of Green Cab of Madison and the broker-owner of Silver Compass Realty. He holds a B.A. in Geography from UW-Madison and an M.A. in Applied Theology from Balamand University. He lives in Fitchburg with his wife and 2 children. For further information about the campaign, contact Phil Anderson at (608) 345-3916 or at 

Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Phil Anderson visits 60 counties, publishes 365th Daily Campaign Video

For Immediate Release: November 6th, 2016 Contact: Phil Anderson Anderson for US Senate Phone:  608-345-3916 Email:     Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Phil Anderson visits 60 counties, publishes 365th Daily Campaign Video Phil Anderson, Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate in Wisconsin, has released the 365th and final daily video of his campaign. “I made a commitment to reach out to Wisconsinites every single day during the campaign,” says Anderson. “No staged visits to business, no framed-up photo-ops with supporters: real outreach.” Anderson visited all but a small handful of counties during his year-long campaign. “Per our map and calendar, we had events in 60 counties,” says Campaign Manager Patrick Baird. “Keep in mind- Phil has a full-time job- he’s not paid by his own PAC like Feingold, nor by the taxpayers like Ron Johnson, to spend time campaigning. “ “We held or participated in events from Heyward to Racine, from Peshtigo to Monroe,” continues Anderson. “Many of our daily videos were shot in various parts of the state, many around home. It has been my great pleasure and honor to spend time with ALL the citizens of Wisconsin, whether they support my campaign or not. We had real dialogue, real interaction, with real connections made. I’m very grateful for all the support we’ve received, and the new friends we have made.” Anderson’s daily videos cover a variety of topics, from political issues to campaign news to behind-the-scenes glimpses of campaign chores. “I got a great response from the video of me stapling yard signs- people don’t often see the grind behind the campaign. We don’t have the professional infrastructure paid for by corporate contributions and party machines. So, we do most everything ourselves. I think people appreciate that.” Anderson’s daily videos can be found on his campaign Facebook page, .

Libertarian Party of Dane County hosting Election Night Celebration for Gary Johnson, Phil Anderson campaigns

The Libertarian Party of Dane County is hosting Election Night for the Gary Johnson for President and Phil Anderson for U.S. Senate campaigns, on Tuesday November 8th at Brocach Irish Pub, 7 W. Main St., Madison. Phil Anderson, who is also Chair of Wisconsin for Johnson/Weld and Vice-Chair of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin will be in attendance, as well as Patrick Baird, 2nd CD Coordinator for the Johnson campaign and Campaign Manager for Anderson for U.S. Senate. “Everyone is invited, no matter how much or how little involved with the campaigns,” says Anderson. “This is a celebration of campaigns well fought, and a movement toward liberty expanded. This election season is just the beginning.” Baird agrees, stating “I’ve been intimately and extensively involved in both campaigns. While we understood that there was a narrow path to victory, our secondary goal was to expand awareness of our movement and membership in the party. In those regards we have been wildly successful, and have plenty to celebrate!” On Tuesday night, the campaign will begin gathering at 6pm on the second floor at Brocach. The Anderson campaign can be reached that night at 608 345-3916, via voice or text. LPDane is the Libertarian Party of Dane County, founded in December 2014. LPDane has 36 members, and meets the second Wednesday of each month for a business meeting followed by a social hour, open to the public. For more information, email , or visit . 

Wisconsin Right to Life fails voters on candidate choices and positions

Wisconsin Right to Life fails voters on candidate choices and positions Wisconsin Right to Life has failed their responsibility to inform their members about elections choices, and about the positions of the candidates they reported, according to Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate Phil Anderson. “First of all, they omitted me and other libertarians from their report. We are on the ballot, and present viable choices for Wisconsin voters,” says Anderson. “Secondly, and perhaps most egregiously, they falsely represent Senator Ron Johnson’s positions. They say he opposes the use of taxpayer dollars for abortion, yet he voted YEA on the Omnibus Bill last December, which fully funded Planned Parenthood,” continues Anderson. “His vote on this bill is public record. He also sponsored the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which by definition is a compromise on this issue. Why would WRTL not report this accurately?” “As a Libertarian, I support every human being’s right to exist, regardless of age, gender, ‘viability’, any category you can think of. For this reason, I also oppose war, the death penalty, and euthanasia,” finishes Anderson.” I will never put political expedience before my defense of anyone’s inalienable right to exist, unlike Senator Johnson.” 


Candidate for U.S. Senate for the Libertarian Party Phil Anderson, unlike his two major party opponents, advocates for an end to the Federal Student Loan program. “The Federal Student Loan Program has been a colossal failure, and it’s time to put an end to it,” said Anderson. “Fed by this open checkbook, costs at American universities have skyrocketed and students and parents have been taken along for the ride.” “Total student loan debt is now well over one trillion dollars,” said Anderson. “Young people are entering the workforce crippled by the burden of having subsidized inflated spending in higher education; the universities, faculty, and layer upon layer of useless administration have benefited on the backs of an entire generation.” “And when many of the loans go into default, because borrowers can’t afford to pay them back, the burden will fall back on the taxpayer,” said Anderson. “This will complete the massive transfer of wealth from the public to the pockets of universities. We should all be outraged at this theft and should put an immediate end to the continuing rip-off.”


Libertarian Party U.S. Senate candidate Phil Anderson labels his opponents “warmongers” and advocates an end to U.S. intervention in foreign conflicts. “The U.S. never-ending war state must end,” said Anderson. “Trillions of dollars have been wasted and thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of civilian lives have been lost with very little to show for all that loss.” “The United States government, in the name of ‘spreading liberty and democracy’, has destabilized many areas of the world,” said Anderson. “The US has no right nor responsibility to use military force against other nations and peoples unless directly threatened.” “The impact of the expansion of the war machine has had negative effects here at home,” said Anderson. “The Federal government has expanded exponentially supporting it, taking more and more money away from taxpayers and created a corrupt monolith that exists mainly to fund profiteers. Additionally, the ‘War on Terror’ has resulted in our government spying on its citizens and threatening many of our constitutional freedoms.” “As your Senator I will fight tirelessly to expose the corruption of our federal government and military, put an end to war profiteering, and work to restore our relationship with the world through military strength, free markets, and honest agreements,” said Anderson  

Former Republican Governor Bill Weld endorses Libertarian Phil Anderson for U.S. Senate in Wisconsin

Former Republican Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, the Libertarian Party nominee for Vice President, has endorsed Phil Anderson for U.S. Senate in Wisconsin. “It is my fervent hope that when the votes are counted this year, the Libertarian Party will have vaulted into a position where all of our historical struggles for recognition will seem a thing of the past,” said Governor Weld. “I thank Phil for joining us in this journey, and for the tremendous efforts he is extending to support our cause!” Continue reading


For Immediate Release: October 12th, 2016 Contact: Phil Anderson Anderson for US Senate Phone:  608-345-3916 Email:     LIBERTARIAN U.S. SENATE CANDIDATE PHIL ANDERSON EXCLUDED FROM DEBATE Phillip Anderson, Libertarian Party candidate for US Senate, has been excluded from Friday’s US Senate debate, hosted by the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association. “Despite historic gains by the Libertarian Party in 2016, the mainstream media continues to act as a publicity machine for the Democrat and Republican parties,” said Anderson. “Despite representing millions of potential voters, Gary Johnson has been shut out of the Presidential debates. And despite representing hundreds of thousands of potential voters myself, the WBA doesn’t think I would add anything to the debate.” Continue reading


Of course, as a father and a decent human being, I abhor Donald Trump’s latest remarks demeaning women and making light of sexual assault. They were shocking but hardly surprising, since Trump has a long and detailed history of obnoxious treatment of women. What is more disappointing is that many of Trump’s supporters are either excusing his remarks away or brushing them aside with indifference. This includes my opponent, Ron Johnson, who refuses to walk back his endorsement of Trump and even joins in on Trump’s rebound strategy of attacking Bill Clinton’s own disgraceful history and Hillary’s distasteful actions in his defense. One has to ask: how bad does Donald Trump have to get before Ron Johnson finally steps out of his shadow? Continue reading