Anderson for WI Governor: I'm the only candidate addressing the main concerns of urban black voters

The libertarian candidate has been reaching out to and working with the urban communities in Beloit and Milwaukee. We are sponsoring a Leadership Lunch, Voter Registration Drive, and Community Unity Entertainment event on Sept 8. I'm helping plan and speaking at the Beloit Family Reunion on Sept. 16th. Furthermore, the libertarian candidate was the ONLY candidate still on the ballot to participate at the community forum at UW-Milwaukee, the ONLY candidate to attend, speak and march at the March for Cannabis in downtown Milwaukee in May, and the only candidate left to ACTIVELY campaign in Beloit. Evers in particular is responsible for the public school mess in Milwaukee, and Walker responsible for the mass incarceration of black men in Wisconsin because of his unwillingness to consider legalizing marijuana. The libertarian candidate has solutions for BOTH issues. OPEN YOUR EYES WISCONSIN, YOU HAVE VIABLE ALTERNATIVES, DESPITE WHAT YOUR LAZY MEDIA OUTLETS MIGHT TELL YOU. www,