Anderson for US Senate: Ron Johnson hopes Anderson reconsiders running, concerned about effect on his re-election campaign

Madison, WI – “Senator Ron Johnson is clearly concerned about the effect of my campaign on his,” says Phil Anderson, Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate in Wisconsin. “He said so to me on Saturday.”

Anderson ran into Sen. Johnson at the Racine County Fair on Saturday, and asked if his son could take a picture. “I ask for the photo. He hesitated, then graciously said yes,” continues Anderson. “Immediately after, he told me how important this campaign is, and said that my campaign is affecting his. I referred him to the Marquette Law School Poll, pointing out that I’m drawing from both major parties relatively equally. He said, “No you’re not, no you’re not,” and then said he hoped I’d reconsider. I told him no, and that I am looking forward to a good campaign.”

Andy Craig, Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin and candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives (WI-4), points out that Sen. Johnson’s reaction might be due to having more information through his campaign’s internal polling. "For Sen. Johnson to be that concerned about it, makes me curious what his internal polls are telling him. Those are often more detailed and comprehensive than what's publicly available. It’s likely he’s seeing his disenchanted supporters jumping ship, as will Sen. Feingold as he examines his internal polling. For the duopoly establishment candidates to regard Libertarian candidates and voters as a threat, is a sign of success."

Anderson continues, “As more people are exposed to my campaign, and the disturbing truth of how the 2 large parties conduct their business and abuse their power, more and more people indicate their support for me, and my fellow Libertarian candidates, including Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.”

“We have the truth on our side, and a promise of accountable, peaceful, transparent representation. No Democrat nor Republican, not a single one, can truthfully promise that.”

Phil Anderson is running for the United States Senate, representing Wisconsin. Phil is currently the President of the Libertarian Party of Dane County, and Vice-Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin.  Phil is also the general manager of Green Cab of Madison and the broker-owner of Silver Compass Realty. He holds a B.A. in Geography from UW-Madison and an M.A. in Applied Theology from Balamand University. He lives in Fitchburg with his wife and 2 children. For further information about the campaign, contact Phil Anderson at (608) 345-3916 or at