Analysis, and Thank You's

There is a lot to say today- many thank you's, much analysis. Not an easy day. But I'll observe a couple things:
Last Marquette poll showed something like 79% of people never heard of us.
Increased turnout probably consists of a disproportionately high number of people that aren't as politically active/aware.
Cannabis activism, which drove a big chunk of the increased turnout, was programmed by NORML leadership to vote for Evers.
Still not sure why only 20K votes. You could argue that the other 3rd party/independent candidates cost us, but all added up, the combined total was less than HALF of what the combined polling average predicted that just our campaign would get.
Libertarians got their butts kicked all over the country.
So, I have information, but not answers.
But I also have deep appreciation and love for everyone who helped. Impossible to list everyone. I have thanked and will thank every single one of you.
My deepest respect and thanks to my fellow Libertarian candidates Matthew Bughman, Rick Braun, Reese Wood, Mike Hammond, Kevin A Bauer, Jason Sellnow and Brian Corriea. You guys all performed wonderfully, under difficult circumstances, and are a credit to yourselves, your families, communities and the LPWI.
And I will say that from the bottom of my heart, that our campaign manager RJ DePouw, treasurer Jeff Kortsch and media-guy-jack-of-all-trades Miles Kristan, were spectacular. I love you dearly.
And last but not least, my running mate, Patrick Baird. You did a fantastic job. I will never forget the camaraderie and friendship we've built in the last 14 months. Asking you to run with me was the best campaign decision I made. While this particular effort has ended, I look forward to working with you to continue the fight for liberty in Wisconsin.
This fight isn't over. As Libertarians, we're committed to a world set free in our lifetime, and we're a long way from that. I don't know what's next, but I need analysis, criticism, and a willingness to participate BETWEEN election cycles as well as during them.
I'll be in touch.
Yours in Liberty,
Phil Anderson