An Open Letter to Wisconsin Democrats

According to FEC filings as quoted in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Russ Feingold PAC Progressives United spent $3.3m on fundraising, $1.4m on administration, $1.3m on salaries, $400K on 'other', and only $350k on contributions to progressive candidates, it's stated goal. Any other org's income stream would dry up, if donors noticed the extreme inefficiency. But the donations DIDN'T dry up: verifying the fact that the stated goal was not the real goal, which was to keep Feingold and staff prospering, buying his support of Obama and now Clinton, and ready to retake the Senate seat. Notice he disdained running for governor, when he was maybe the only Dem who could beat Walker. WISCONSIN, you still believe Feingold cares about you? Only insofar as you'll vote for him, sending him where he really wants to be, where he belongs: Washington DC.

The evidence is right in front of you, if you dare open your minds and evaluate it. If you can break through the cognitive dissonance, and divest yourself of the blind hero worship, as he divested himself of real interest in YOU once he got acclimated to the corruption and dysfunction of our nation's Capitol.

It's not too late. I'm running against that corruption, to fight that dysfunction. I don't owe favors to parties or donors, I just want government out if our wallets and bedrooms. I won't run for a second term. I won't entertain lobbyists. I'll be in real contact every day, not come back every election cycle and make a show out of connecting with people and businesses like a new CEO visiting departments.

I have more respect for you than that. More respect for all of you, regardless of political affiliation. In the end, we all want the same things: peace, prosperity, and privacy. Let's be united in our repudiation of the corrupt DC elite, and the candidates who want to get in, or get back in, for their own fortune and fame.

Vote your conscience. Vote for freedom.