I'm Phil Anderson, and I'm a Libertarian running for United States Senate in Wisconsin. My mission is to fight for individuals against the corruption and crony capitalism that has overtaken our federal government.

The two-party system has led us to more WAR, more DEBT, less PROSPERITY, and less PRIVACY. No Republican nor Democrat are immune, no Democrat nor Republican can escape. Elected officials are only elected BECAUSE they have proven to be loyal to party above all else: party before principle, party before promises.

I aim to change that. As a Libertarian, I am free to represent the citizens of Wisconsin as INDIVIDUALS, not as members of interest groups. I seek to raise up what we have in common, not point out and exploit how we're different. In the end, almost everyone in the whole world wants the same things: to live in peace, prosperity, and privacy. 

I humbly ask for your support.



Phil Anderson



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